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Paglago Endowment Fund

In a pro-active spirit of initiative and self-reliance, Paglago is turning to the resources of the Filipino community to help move its church growth plan forward. “We see PEF as a way of igniting the imagination of our people, harnessing our resources, and gathering enduring support for Paglago through a systematic and well-organized manner, which includes transparent and regular accountability," says Paglago Funds Committee Chairman Danny Hernadez."

Paglago is a Filipino word that means luxuriant growth. It describes the program for growth of Filipino American United Methodist churches. As a plan for congregational development, it embodies this process of planting: persons are deployed to offer Christ and plant the seed of love (God’s word) to bring about new communities of faith (Acts 2:42). It is also an endeavor to animate existing churches, give vigor and new vitality to the community to aggressively go to unknown territory, bring the gospel to unfamiliar people and organize churches among Filipino immigrants and U.S. born Filipino Americans.

This comprehensive strategy has a two-pronged approach: New Church Start and Revitalization of Established Churches. Paglago will organize and charter congregations in 30 targeted cities by 2013. It will also undertake the relocation and transformation of existing churches from areas where there’s no growth to major centers where Filipino Americans are in great numbers.

Paglago’s ministry and program include a leadership development model that is based on partnership and teamwork, a church growth curriculum, recruitment and training and stewardship development.

If you would like more information on how to give to this ministry through your estate plan, contact us at (615) 369 - 2382 or