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MARCHA 2013: Raúl Alegría

"We are working on a building a road map to the future." President of MARCHA, Raúl Alegría of Nashville, Tenn.

MARCHA Hispanic/Latino Ministry Endowment Fund

The Hispanic/Latino Ministry Endowment Fund will also allow the Metodistas Asociados Representando la Causa de los Hispano Americanos of The United Methodist Church (“MARCHA”) to continue the fight for full inclusion of all Hispanic/Latin peoples, especially those who are marginalized by society and by the church.

With your support of The Hispanic/Latino Ministry Endowment Fund, you will be actively helping us as we continue to challenge the United Methodist Church to the full and equal responsibility and participation of Hispanic/Latin persons in the total life and mission of the Church, sharing fully in the power and in the policy-making at all levels of the Church’s life.  Such a generous and heartfelt gift makes a very important statement about your stewardship commitment and devotion to the work of MARCHA.

If you would like more information on how to give to this ministry through your estate plan, contact us at (615) 369 - 2382 or