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Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of Illinois Fund

We were able to begin our first “Disciple 1” class at Pekin FCI on Dec 15, with fifteen inmates.

To those of you that have supported this ministry through Prayers & Resources,  the Return On Investment is high !  Let us share just a few inmate comments from our first 4 sessions :

"Guys, as we get into this Bible Study, and actually become “Disciples”,  how are we going to act differently toward each other …..  out there in the yard,  or in the dining hall ?
We all need to think about how we’ll use what we learn to make changes in our behavior that others can see."

"Fellas, I’ve learned new things about some of you today, some of you that I’ve known and worshipped with for years.  As Chaplain Jeff has told us, we really do need to take what we are learning here beyond these Chapel walls."

A great moment happened during session 2, when we were discussing How amazing God is, in the completeness of his creation that was done for us.  When we talked about how we can be the hands and feet of Jesus,  allowing others to see Christ through us, because of God’s Peace we have inside :  One inmate asked us, “How do you do that ?”.  We thought he was asking How he could be the hands & feet of Jesus, so we discussed that as a group, but He interjected what he really meant to ask was, “How do I find that Peace”.  Another inmate & a Brother in Christ  answered, “Pray for it, and study God’s Word…….  Keep trusting Him.  It will be hard sometimes, but the more you trust God,  the more you will see that you Can Trust God.”

Every week we begin & end the two hour session with a prayer, including the sharing of concerns.

It was Very Humbling for the DBOM Team, that the first thing the inmates said they wanted to pray for were the sponsors of this study, because they all realize the material isn’t free, and that they also want to pray for US as facilitators….  Thanking us for taking the time to make a commitment to be with them every week for this study.

We are also excited to report we have a fifth team member now ( from East Peoria ) that wants to be part of the expansion plan for “Wave 2”.

In late September or early October 2014,  we plan to start a New Disciple 1 group,  and will take these first 15 current participants on into Disciple 2.   We are still looking for 3 more weekly facilitators to join us in preparing and implementing that expansion.

We can’t wait to share more stories from this initial Disciple 1 experience as we progress through 2014, but for now we want to say Thank You for the Prayers,  Thank You for the Presence,  and Thank You for the Financial Support.

Peace in Christ,
Your Pekin FCI DBOM Team

Howard Woolard
Bob & Ann Jones
Cal Ludema

Current gifts to this fund will support the mission and ministries of DBOM - Illinois.