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Camping & Retreat Ministry Endowment Fund

The 7 Foundations of Camp and Retreat Ministry began with a prayerful discernment centered on two specific questions.   What must we do well in order to be truly effective now and into the future?  What is absolutely vital for us to focus on in fulfilling the church’s mission within the unique camp and retreat setting?  These questions sparked two national summits attended by many United Methodist camp and retreat leaders who gathered to listen and come to a shared vision.

The 7 documents below are the fruit of those important gatherings.  Each describes the nature of an essential aspect of Christian camp and retreat ministry and provide biblical and theological grounding.  

Partner With United Methodist Churches & Agencies

Provide Sacred Places Apart

Extend Christian Hospitality And Community

Nurture Christian Faith and Discipleship

Develop Principled Spiritual Leaders

Teach Creation Care and Appreciation

Inspire and Equip Lives for Love and Justice